There are probably millions of publications if not billions on the subject of making life financially better, each author with his prescription for success. This is to reinforce the importance of the subject matter, which deserves even more mention if the lives of humans are to get any better. Although, if just a small portion of these recipes are put into practice, there will be more productive people and lesser attention will be given to the theme. Materials of this nature populate books, tabloids, research releases, online forums, social networking sites, and so on. It is also a key topic of discuss when people meet at gatherings and events.

But, why is this so important? It is so because humanity stands better chance of getting better with more people who are sincerely successful. The lack of it is perhaps the reason for youth restiveness, unemployment, crime of all nature, and lack of productivity in people. Take a look at people who are financially successful, the tendency for negative living is on the downward trend. What drives people into these conditions is still a global concern. A lot of studies have named our fundamental beliefs and mindsets as chief causative factors. In fact, if anyone is to turn a positive financially life, one must consider how to change his mindset and beliefs on an individual viewpoint.

One of the many fundamental mindsets we all learn growing up was that man’s basic needs are food, shelter, and clothing. True though, but looking at today’s humans, it is obvious that trend has drifted towards food, shelter, health, and finance (money). But who lacks the first three needs when he has the fourth? So, it is obvious that man’s basic need technically is the need for money and so buttressing the whole hype about the subject of finances. Man today is in dire need of money than he needs to live in a mansion, have a meal with the Queen of England, or have a wardrobe at Georgio Amani. He believes that with money in his pocket, all the above will be at his beg and call. Truth be told, they will.

As this is a blog, I will be looking at 10 must-do plans to guarantee a better financial future. These can be used by anyone and applied in any area of life. The disclaimer is that these will work for you only if you put them into practice. These ten must-do things are considered from the point of critical factors that drain resources the most or for lack of which one will not be able to reach some financial heights. So, without any more stories, here are 10 plans towards making your life financially better.


The biggest sucker of people’s resources today isn’t food but property manifesting in the form of rents and rates. Imagine how much you have expended on that home or business premises you occupy since you started leasing or renting it. Isn’t it possible you would have owned it? But how can you when you have never planned or given it any thought. Like yours, billions of hard earned cash goes into the drain of rents even when we cannot be guaranteed of getting the holistic benefit from hiring the property. This way, many have become slaves of themselves not knowing how to emancipate.

Unless your income increases exponentially with your expenditures, you can never become financially established as a renter. Imagine how your life can hit the rock and crash if the above doesn’t happen or when you are unable to foot the bills for the property you occupy. Considering the hike in prices of properties and rents in every country, your best bet will be on owning your own home and breaking free from the chains of tenancy of any form. Give a try and see how your life will change in the next one to two years.

Moral Lesson: Seize every opportunity to own a home or property now.


You heard right! We know it is impossible for your home to become say a hotel but technically it can achieve for you the end product of a hotel. Many think that having the privilege to own properties like cars, houses, and other material goods is only a luxury alone. Some think it is a yardstick to undervalue them. Owning a property for many people, cost more to maintain it than they can provide themselves comfort. You may know people who have had to turn their luxury cars to Uber because they couldn’t afford to spend $20,000 on fuelling alone per month. Unless you are financially free, there is urgent need to “assetify” your properties or stand the risk of going financially bankrupt.

It is a pity how many people choose to acquire luxury material items so as to portray a wealthy persona. Impression do matter a lot and we are proponents of the “looking good is good business” theory. However, the aim should be to be rich and not to look rich. Ability to curtail your whimsical material desire now can fetch you all the luxury you so crave in the nearest future in the form or financial return on property.The Uber business model is the perfect approach to assetifying your property, fueling on others pocket, being your boss, and having a take home pay. Don’t let your properties drain your purse, instead, let them fill it.

Lesson: Your properties should bring you comfort and financial value, not the other way round.


It is recommended that you get at least three sources of “steady” income and not just three sources of income. There is no threshold to the maximum. Unfortunately, many cannot discern opportunities for income. While it’s common to collect money for services you render or gifts offered to you, it makes more financial sense to always look out for opportunities to turn such into an income stream. Want to know how? When late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was made an offer of a large sum of cash for helping the Coca-Cola Company establish in Nigeria, he requested for N1 for each bottle of the product that is sold. Well, we cannot tell you how much the Awolowo family is worth with that but you understand what that opportunity means.

Many people depend on their single income source or even two hoping that very soon or someday, it will blossom. Yes, it might but what if it crashes like most do? Besides, people who solve all their problems through one source or two put undue pressure on that purse and deplete it faster than it can contain. Do you know why you always feel like the money doesn’t have value? It’s because you don’t have enough of it. We have seen two stable business empires crash while one crashing is a normal trend. But three crashing is very uncommon. Why not put yourself in a safer zone with your income streams by building more and more channels.

Moral Lesson: Create your own income sources. If they don’t offer you, ask for it – financial success doesn’t come through cash alone.


You have heard this before right? Then there is something new you need to learn from this article. Investment portfolio doesn’t concern itself with whether you have a portfolio or not but it sure desires to know what the worth or your investments are (their total value). From that point you are able to see in clear terms your financial or investment position, helping you make right decisions. One of those fundamental belief systems everyone grew up with was that we save to get rich. Now we know better that it is investment that actually does. And, you know the missing link is that you save to invest. It is high time you realize that Piggy banks do not make you rich but it can only for children.

So, stop stocking your fridge with groceries you may never use before they get spoil. Stop putting your money in the bank and hope to take a large interest at the end of some time. Leaving money in the bank is only useful when you do not have immediate need for it. Apart from that, your money should be in the field working for you. How will your money work for you? It does through investments in money-making opportunities. If you don’t know how to discern them, ask. If your life must shift financially forward, don’t eat the seed and the fruit. With money in your hand, look at investment options before what you will eat rather than the trend of keeping the leftovers for investing. Make it a duty to have a new investment yearly – this can guarantee steady cash inflow now and for the future.

Moral Lesson: Investment is your best bet to financial flow for a better tomorrow.


We have always enjoyed stories of how great business inventions and enterprises like KFC, Microsoft, and the likes came to be. Sadly, many people wholeheartedly believe they can never own a business. But, isn’t it said that the taste of the pudding is in the eating? Running a business is like having a group of people donate money for you and not having one is making yourself one of the contributors to other people’s businesses. Others are very comfortable using their job or employment as excuses. Paid jobs and paying business can never be the same. To put it more bluntly, people who depend on paid jobs never get rich except they’re at the top of their career or organizations, or they steal public funds, or they honestly get paid then they do Plans one to five.

It is suicidal to depend on salary alone no matter the amount you are been paid. Where you have no job guarantee is akin to sitting on a time bomb. Starting your business can be the stream of income you require to drive you into financial “okay-ness.” People who do soon discover how worthless, time-wasting, and how useless it is to have someone else determine when you will be paid for your effort. Smart working class people are people who will have a business to augment their work. And, it has also become the time-tested fear test for those who are unsure they can succeed in business. In most countries, the public service law forbids working and owning a business. In such cash it makes sense to partner someone to front the business.

Moral Lesson: Your own hands can wash you better.

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