Recent studies have shown the importance of one’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) to be more important than his Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in the pursuit for success. While IQ is not a new indicator to humans, the subject of EI is a new area of study today. Emotional Intelligence is the scientific measure of the degree of a person’s ability to rationalize and manage his emotional assets as they relate to his life. While it is important to be intelligent, they say, it is more important to know how to handle your emotions in any situation.

But this article is neither about EI nor IQ. We must remember that as humans, the sum total of our intellects, mentalities, mindsets, characters, attitudes, values, etc which is stored in the bottle of our lives can only be expressed in a social context – to people, at gatherings, in circumstances, and so on. Our good and bad times are either bottled inside of us or poured out creatively on others. Think of your reaction during times when you are happy and when you are sad. There is never a human being who can boost of passing through this world without social experiences. But, how does this affect your network marketing business?

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

James Franklin

To become successful in network marketing, or any other endeavor, it is important that you consider a third kind of intelligence called Social Intelligence (SI). This is the latest member of the intelligence family believed to unify both IQ and EI. SI is the measure of one’s capacity to relate or handle people (emotionally or intellectually) to produce positive relationships or outcomes. Your social intelligence is your social asset or social capital.

Growing one’s ability to relate positively or favorably is the bane for good customer relationship, corporate existence, and even successful business enterprises. Understanding people and relating with them on an individual level promises sales, increase sales, return sales, referral sales, and any other manner of anticipated results. A business with all the intellects could fail without the right corresponding degree of emotional and social components. To grow your network business, it is crucial to take stock of about how large your social circle is and what you can do to expand and solidify it. You should ask yourself what kind of relationships you are building – are you building relationships or building lasting ones? Remember that in any venture, you need people to pay for your goods or services, to pull traction, join your team, applaud your acts, wow your novelty, or, even for just the sake of a thumbs up.

So, what you do with the people you know and how you build new connections will tell how far and how well you can go in life and in your network marketing business.

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