Truth be told, growing in network business is not easy. Well, that is the thought of a select few who believe in the “fastlane to wealth” ideology. And, with all that people have encountered in the industry, you cannot blame anyone for their ill-feelings towards any network platform. But, it is very important that we try to forget our past negative experiences with other platforms. This is important because negative mindsets could pose a psychological bridge to success.

You will agree with me that network marketing or MLM can be a force for good if done truthfully and purposefully. We know people around us who have been transformed through networking. We want everyone’s story to be like that. Remember that if this happens, not only will members benefit but the organization will grow in numbers and impact. Little wonder the saying, “We rise by lifting others.” This is why we have a point to prove to you.

We have a simple plan to help everyone succeed. Remember that Barcelona slogan, “Never work alone?” We are adding more meaning to it. How? Ordinarily, many can never succeed in network because of the strategy they adopt. However, if everyone must succeed we must innovate an effective & proactive strategy.

We will create 36 Super Teams. Each of these will be for a State and will be run by a State Admin. For every 1,000 members, we will form a Sub-Team under that Super Team. This way, everyone will receive downlines so that all members will grow from stage to stage. Any member can apply to run a super team. To qualify to do that, you will need to have recruited 20downlines. You must be resident in the state you want to run a super team. Members can register only in one state.

The purpose of Super Teams is not to make members lazy by putting downlines under them. It is only to assist with downlines so as they can finish certain stage, encourage each other, fast track growth, etc. All members must play their part – every member must take care of the initial six downlines.

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