Do you recall in a previous article where we stated that your social assets are the people and social circumstances around you that shape your success story positively or negatively? As a first rule of thumb, you must know the people in your social circle before you can define how your social intelligence relates to them. The first moral lesson to success in your network marketing business is to know who your social assets are.

Imagine that in your life you have just 5 people that you know. This means you may find it difficult building your network marketing business at some point. This is so because, the first customers for your network business is those in your immediate social loop. Consider another scenario were you know 5,000 people but you are not in a good relationship with 4,800 of them. The same negative outcome will be the result. Even though the above examples are extremely impossible situations, most people live in their world where they don’t care about their relationship with others.

Given two category of people, the one with a large circle of connections (family members, friends, partners, colleagues, social contacts, and even acquaintances) stand the chance of succeeding better than another with a large circle but having poor social relating ability. This is exactly where many get it all wrong. Having 250 contacts on your mobile SIM without ever “relating” will never guarantee any of them joining you in your network business. It is another right rule of thumb that the fresher the relationship, the easier it is to engage them. So, relating is keeping the communication mode always on.

Leveraging an existing social circle or building one is a great way to turn your social assets into financial capital for your marketing business. As humans, we all have these social capitals but don’t know what exactly to do with them. We have social assets on social media, offline, at home, offices, social functions, worship places, and so on. To prove this point,

-everyone has immediate family and extended family members;
-everyone has neighbors (close or far), whether in talking mode or not;
-everyone meets people everyday (assuming you are not indoors), either at school, church, party, event, as the case may be. They may be new or old contacts;
-everyone has either a phone, tablet, TV, laptop, or uses social networking platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc;
-everyone who ones a phone for more than 3years has up to a 100 contacts in their phonebook;
-everyone has some sort of friends, chat buddy, partner, colleague, etc;
-the list is endless.

You must realize that humans are limitless in the number of people they can network with or know. To put it another way, you can never grow your network market business if you hold back on reaching out to people, new or old. Thus, turning your social assets into financial assets is to let those people in your life and around you to know about your network business opportunity. To do this

-list all your contacts (if possible);
-contact each of them often before unveiling your opportunity;
-send them text messages on their special events;
-visit them regularly;
-help them in any way possible to achieve their goals;
-work hard to succeed in your network business (nothing has friends like success);
-never do what will give them the impression that you care because you want them to join your network business.

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