RoyalLife is an ecosystem that evolves from a collection of industry experiences of our people. Everyone in RoyalLife life belongs here. But, a few of these deserve our mention.

Jan Reijer Brons


Founder and CEO, FirmFactory, Netherlands

Nadine Lajoie


Founder, KDKL Inc USA. Int'l Business Coach, Bestselling Author, Award-winning Cyclist.

Rakesh Mishra


Cofounder, Excubator India. Adviser,
CloudBrew Systems, Entrepreneurship-Cell IIT Kanpur, E-cell IIT Bombay

John Mckirklay


Founder, Networthing South Africa. Network Marketing Coach & Motivational Speaker.

Our People

The RoyalLife ecosystem is made up of everyone including partners, sponsors, Trustees, advisers, management team but most importantly our members. Our members are those who have committed to a lifestyle of empowering themselves and those around them.

Advicers & Consultants

RoyalLife supported by specialist advisers and experts in almost every sphere, nationally and internationally. They are a class of individuals who have made marks in their areas of specialization. These people have always been available from the origin to help fine-tune the organization to the position it is today.

The Management

The RoyalLife family is made up of passionate individuals with combined 45years+ industry knowledge in social entrepreneurship, NGO, academia, public service, business, humanitarian service, legal, and so on.

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