If you have any question, suggestion, feedback, or request, do not fail to write to us on or submit same through our Contact Form.

We are a global empowerment opportunity driving social impact through multi-level marketing. We exist to proffer real-time solutions to human’s basic needs of housing, food, health, and finance.

To register and become a member of RoyalLife, you should contact our member who introduced you to the platform to help you get registered and start earning. Alternatively, you can contact us on for help if you were not introduced by anyone.

RoyalLife is an international organization, meaning you can register and become a member from any country you are in the world. If you can’t find your country in the list of countries, get across to us through our Contact page.

We are not an investment house or platform. We are a for-profit organization helping our members and non-members access the basic and advance necessities of life. This is not a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. Members are paid their earnings directly and based on their individual efforts. Before you say we are, ask us for proof.

It’s your choice. But, your house will be located in the state that you select in the registration form when joining RoyalLife. So, before filling the Registration Form, decide where you want your home located and choose that state when registering.

You can have the liberty to choose the state in your country where you want your house to be located other than your current registration state by completing your Stage 4 (MEGA STAR) in 2months. For instance, after completing your Level 4 in 2months, you are entitled to a house in the state you are based, say Enugu; but you can request a house in Abuja. However, this is subject to approval by RoyalLife.

Yes. We are a organization driving impact through the tool of Multi-Level Marketing and corporate social responsibility.

This is a payment method where you exchange your cash for a coded voucher for use to carryout registration on your account. You can liken ePIN to your mobile airtime voucher you use in calling with your mobile.

Absolute not! When you qualify for an incentive, you can pick it up at our offices anywhere in the world. However, if you prefer that the incentive be sent to your location by waybill, you will need to bear the waybill fare, which is usually very affordable. Official information for waybill will be placed on the website from time to time.

Payments are made to members directly into their local bank account within 24 – 48 working hours of your request for withdrawal. Cheques can also be issued in-person on request. Bank transfer charges may apply on any bank transfer into your local bank account.

Definitely! We are a registered entity that operates with the highest level of international best practices. We also partner with reputable brands and organizations.

You can get ePIN from any of our existing members who could sell to you or you can buy direct from the organization. All ePIN purchase payment should be made only to Account Name: CROWDBASE SOLUTIONS LIMITED, Account Number: 0178713338, Bank Name: GTBANK PLC. After payment, send message to stating 1. Depositor's Name, 2. Phone Number, 3. Amount. You will have your ePIN delivered by the same email after payment confirmation.

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