RoyalLife achieves its vision through offering people-oriented services. We believe that humanity is in dire physical, social, financial, medical, and other forms of needs and require someone to help out. Look around and you will see people in slums, a dying child, a talented youth not fulfilling his dreams, an old man not able to pay his bills, a working class struggling to meet up with demands, and so on. RoyalLife is making a difference through the following services:

Housing and Property Support

Access to safe, comfortable, and affordable housing is a global challenge. According to the UN Habitat, 30% of the world’s urban population lives in slums, deplorable conditions where people suffer from one or more of the following basic deficiencies in their housing. The high rate of property rent rates remains the primary reason many cannot attain better lives. Globally, rents and rates remains the biggest sucker of people's income. 1 billion homes are required to curb housing deficit in Africa (UN).

RoyalLife is solving this challenge. We believe that everyone should own and live in a “befitting house” they can call home. By becoming a member of RoyalLife, you have access to a house of your own without paying an extra dime. You will have access to a modern 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom, with a Certificate of Occupancy or Ownership anywhere.

Depending on your stage, we will go as far as providing a ready-to-move-in home furnished to standard for your living pleasure. We work with the best real estate developers to either build or buy an existing property for you at no single cost to you. This support is not a loan and you don’t need to pay back in any way. You do not need any collateral, guarantor, interest, part payment, or upfront fees to benefit from this service. The service is available for members who have attained MEGASTAR (Stage 4) and above.

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Humanitarian Service

No matter the position you are in life, there is always someone looking up to and aspiring to be like you. The best you can do for humanity and posterity sake is to lend a hand of support. At RoyalLife, members and non-members can enjoy a better life made possible by the donations of our network of members.

Our humanitarian services are far reaching and far ranging. But, importantly, it comes from a sincere heart to make a positive difference in the lives of fellow humans who may not be able to support themselves for one reason or the other. Apart from property support, we also offer monetary assistance.

By leveraging on the recommendations of our members, RoyalLife is able to build a property for an orphanage, a school, an elderly person, or a public social utility. Members who have attained MEGA STAR (stage 4) and INFINITE STAR (Stage 5) an individual, school, community. Royal Life with its team of building expert will contribute a building to them or as the case may be. The people we support can be the less privileged, widows, orphans, sick people, retirees, etc.

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Financial Empowerment

Do you know that about 2.47billion people around the world still survive on less than $2 a day? And almost a billion people live under $1 a day? We believe that by living better lives ourselves, we are much more enabled to support others to live the same life. This is a drive for us. At RoyalLife, we help members attain financial stability or financial liberty. We believe that financial liberty is a state where you do not necessarily need to use your money to acquire the things you require (like cars, mobile phones, food, house, etc).

At RoyalLife, we empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support to make, manage, and multiply money. We believe that more benefit should go to the members than to the organization. We undertake a holistic approach in meeting humans basic needs are met in totality (houses, food, medical, finance, solar, etc). With us, you do not have any reason to fail. Thus, successful people are those who will take this opportunity and run with it.

Thus, the RoyalLife network business model, SLIM (Social Loop Interaction Model), is one of the most admired in the industry. As a member, you can have daily income for life to meet your personal or business needs, basic or secondary needs, be it food, mobile phones, cars, house of your own, cash for bills, and so on. You can have access to soft loans and free business development services at no extra charge.

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Medical Support Services

It is very sad that two-third of the world's population have no access to safe and affordable surgery, according to a new study in The Lancet. It means millions of people are dying from treatable conditions such as appendicitis and obstructed labor or more serious issues like cancers, etc. Most of these victims live in low and middle-income countries. The study suggests that 93% of people in sub-Saharan Africa cannot obtain basic surgical care.

They say a third of all deaths in 2010 (16.9 million) were from conditions which were treatable with surgery. That was more than the number of deaths from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. 313 million operations are carried out worldwide each year. Just one in 20 operations occurs in the poorest countries, where over a third of the world's population lives. There is a global shortfall of at least 143 million surgical procedures every year.

RoyalLife has taken a bold step in helping connect individuals needing medical surgery with financial support and surgical experts. We help ensure people gain access to platform where medical conditions can rely upon medical financial support for cases like surgical heart transplant, kidney transplant, gynecology, urology, obstetrics, and other serious medical conditions. This is achieved through a network of support between RoyalLife, People, and Organizations everywhere. In future, we will support the improvement of health, healthcare, and lives in general through medical research, professional health education, public awareness, etc. This service will be for both members and non-members recommended.

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